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Caskets, Urns & Vaults

The staff at Mungovan Simple Cremations & Funerals believe that a funeral is a time to slow down and an opportunity to honor a life well lived.
Our goal is to help you and your loved ones share cherished memories and comfort each other during your time of loss. Where else would you want to be but surrounded by those that love and care for you?

We will assist you with creating a funeral service which reflects and honors the life and memory of your loved one.


We offer a wide variety of caskets in many types of materials, including precious metals such as bronze, copper, steel and fine-quality woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak.
Caskets can be personalized many way to reflect the life of your loved one.

Lined burial vaults afford the most protection for the casket. Premium burial vaults often times are bronze, copper, stainless lined, with basic vaults using an ABS liner.
Outer burial containers are required by most cemeteries.


A large selection of cremation urns are available in many styles and materials, including bronze, cloissone, and fine- quality woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak. Many of our urns can be customized with engraving, laser etching of a photograph or by the addition of emblems.
Urns are designed for temporary display, home placement in a cemetery as well as scatterings. Keepsake sizes are also available for many of our urns, allowing family members a small token of remembrance of their loved one.

Urn Vaults:
When you choose cremation, you still have the option of burial in a family cemetery plot. Most cemeteries require an outer burial container of some kind to protect the grave space from the settling of the earth and heavy machinery.

Lined urn vaults provide the most protection. Lined vaults are available in precious metals such as bronze, cooper, stainless steel in conjunction with concrete.